Donation Option


Sunset Funeral Care is proud to offer another choice to the families we serve.  A Whole Body Donation program. 

As a donor, you and your family will be treated with the utmost dignity and compassion each step of the way.  Many donor families have memorial services for their loved ones.  Cremated remains will be returned to the family in approximately 3 to 5 weeks.  The month after donation, your family will receive a letter updating them on current research projects and the life-changing impact your gift has made for so many others.

The company that we have chosen to offer this through partners with highly qualified medical companies, researchers and educators, each of whom must match their internal standards and controls.  This program gives the opportunity to donate your body to science.  We all dream of leaving the world a better place.  With the gift of whole body donation, that dream is possible.  Consider the ways your gift can improve the world:
~ New breakthroughs in medicine
~ Advances in the treatment of a wide range of disease and surgeries
~ Development of new medical devices
~ Safer, more effective treatments for patients
~ Advanced Physician training
~ Better quality of life for people around the world