Sunset Funeral Care is proud to offer dignified cremation to our community.

Cremation Questions and Answers

Q:  What is cremation?A: Cremation is the process of reducing human remains to its basic elements in the form of bone fragments through flame, heat, and vaporization, usually 1800-2000 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours or more. Cremation occurs at a crematory in a special kind of furnace called a cremation chamber or retort.  The resulting bone fragments are further reduced in size through a mechanical process and are referred to as "cremated remains".It may surprise you to learn that ashes are not the final result since cremated remains have neither the appearance nor the chemical properties of ashes.  After processing, the cremated remains are placed in an urn or other container suitable for memorialization, transport or interment.  Depending on the size of the deceased's skeletal makeup, there are normally four to eight pounds of cremated remains resulting.Q:  I hear that there are hidden fees with cremation.  You are quoted one price and end up paying much more.

A:   Our Simple cremation charge is all inclusive.  There are absolutely no hidden charges.    With each Simple Cremation we include:

            *Initial transferring of the body to Sunset Funeral Care            *Caring for the body prior to cremation            *Preparing the death certificate and permits            *Coordination with the local medical examiner/coroner or Hospital​            *Administrative assistance for communication with the responsible parties            *A cremation container made of approved materials, in which the body is placed for cremation            *The cremation itself in at our crematory            *Basic plastic Urn or transfer into a selected urn            *Provisions for pickup of the cremated remains by an authorized person at our office or               local delivery to your home or cemetery.             *Cremation will take place within two days of receiving a California Disposition Permit             Q: Can Cremation be witnessed by the family?A:  Absolutely, we will permit family members to be in attendance when the body is placed into the cremation chamber.Q: What options are available with the Cremated remains?A:  In California, after the cremation, the cremated remains may be returned to the designated family member or friend to be kept at home, scattered at sea (500 yards off the coast), scattered on private property with written permission, or released to a cemetery for burial or above ground interment.  Q:  Can I buy an urn on-line and bring it in?A:  Yes you can -but we ask that you give us the opportunity to show you what we have to offer.  We pride ourselves in the fact that we price our urns competitively with those available on-line and we have a wider variety available.  We also offer keepsake urns, bio-degradable urns, and beautiful jewelry that hold the cremated remains of your loved ones. Q:  Do you cremated more than one person at a time?A:  Absolutely not!   You can be confident in knowing that our crematory cremated only one person at a time in a cremation chamber.  Q:  How can you be certain that all remains are kept separate and that I will receive the correct remains?A:  All responsible cremation providers have thorough operating policies and procedures in order to provide the highest level of service and reduce the possibility of human error.  We invite you to ask to see our Cremation Procedures Manual to read what our procedures are relating to the cremation, including retrieval, processing, and packaging of the cremated remains.  This is your right!  Sunset Funeral Care is proud of the strict controls and monitoring in place to ensure that every person in our care is tracked properly.  From the time your loved one is brought into our care our documentation is thorough and complete.Q: What areas do you offer cremation services to?A: We offer cremation services to all areas in Southern California.